It is very sorry to say just a seafood. It is so delicious and gorgeous, especially for people living in urban district. Nobody has doubt to enjoy real seafood dishes at near the sea. It is amazing to experience natural taste of shrimp and abalone.

Dobo Inn(ryokan)
48-41 Nyu Mihama-cho
Fukui Pref.

Amazing Noodle

The master of this noodle shop persist to serve and cook tasteful noodle. It gives dramatic exclamation to noodle mania who loves to eat noodle very much. Noodle cooking is a labor hard job and cooks have sweat on their forehead. They distinguish cooking knives, chopsticks for vegetable, fish and meat separately. My favorite is miso( bean paste )soup noodle. You can enjoy wonderful taste of soup with traditional tempura or with fried tofu noodle. You surely feel its tasty noodle.

14-10 Akebono,
Yokkaichi, Mie






Kuromai,black rice, is a kind of ancient rice grown at some areas in the world. It is also called a treasure of grain. It is passed down to us quietly and called the root grain of rice cake. It has sweetness, protein, calcium, iron and much vitamins. Besides the black purple coloring matter Anthocyanin(Polyphenol) effects protection our blood vessel, prevention to hardening of arteries and slowing aging. And it is cooked for Chinese dishes and treasured as medicinal grain. In Japan, cultivation was started after finding seed in a box at a ruin. This sake brewery use only locally cropped black rise and underflow water of near river. Holding this in your mouth and close your eyes, you may be able to feel the taste and messages from ancient people.


1 Shimoiso Ohno-cho,, Ibi-gun Gifu Prefecture

Sugihara Sake Brewery Co.,Ltd.






 This mochi; rice cake, stared 400 years ago. The naming changed from beginning to now, Nagamochi, Cow tongue mochi, Bamboo leave mochi. Thin and oval shape skin wrapps sweet jelly beans. Tasting not too heavy but light, so we cannot stop eating.







Appearance is just like an ordinally rice cake, but uniqueness is its way of eating. They recommend to eat it in a bite. If not, the mixture of sesame and soy sauce will come out. They are so fresh that storing under frozen temperature is indicated. They are really unique rice cake born in Akita.

12-2 Uemachi, Kumashiro, Akita

Clam Pot

Do you know Clam pot in Kuwana. Even Kuwana don't know it. It was telecasted before.The ingredient is only clam, no vegetables. They eat them only without sauce. Some gourmet come to eat from remote area.


Kuwana, Mie



Why this naming, not rice cake but" bochi", nobody knows.The taste is mild sweet and flvaor of steamed leaves are gentle. One bite of this "bochi" reminded me of scenery of farming town long time ago.

Ibigun, Gifu

Matsuzaka Beef


Matsuzaka beef is a pronoun of beef and its name is known worldwide. Fat like frosted pattern is mild and deep taste. It is also nice to eat it in prepared row with green radish and soybean sauce.




Oharagi It started about 300 years ago by the 1st. Mr.Kyubei Takeguchi. He was a merchant for Kishu clan and allowed to carry sword. The name came from the place in Kyoto where he and Kishu lord traveled to Oharayase in Kyoto and this cake was cooked for the first time and it was named. Skin is made from flour and sugar. It wraps sweet beans jam. It is just like a woman who sells vegetables carrying on their head. The shape is slender and gentle like those women's heads. Suzuka,Mie

Ginger Sugar


Hardened sugar with ginger taste has been a special products for Ise. The shape looks like god plate. Taste varieties are sugar, green tea, red beans and black sugar.


Ise, Mie